My Account★I lost my account!



  • Jackson Loh

    I tried few times but the account simply bring me to new tutorial, which gave me new ID instead of my old one. I have my old ID (Level 70) but I don't know where to login using ID instead of Google or Facebook account.

  • Victor Zamorano Guerra

    I have the same problem, i try with my 2 gmails but nothing even facebook account but it didn't work.

    somebody could help me?

  • Jackson Loh

    I solved mine. Hopefully you have link it with either Facebook or Line. Luckily I have link it with Facebook. So, I clear my cache, uninstalled my game, reinstall it and instead of login using Google ID, I login using Facebook. Now, I got back all the childs and items. Couldn't get to link it back to Google though.

    Hopes that help.

  • Love Anime

    Can i ask you something?
    My friend want to comeback and play this game but he doesn't link the account with fb line or ggplay. I have his name on friend list. Can he login old account? I really want to help him so i can play with him again. His name in game is "Midoriya".


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